Church organizes a Cleanup Campaign

World Mission Society Church of God has organized a cleanup campaign at Dhobidhara, Kathmandu. Around 120 members of the society actively participated in the campaign today7 morning. The campaign started at 7am in the morning and lasted for two hours. The volunteers were mainly youths, who had a bright smile on their faces.

The ward chairman Mr. Dal Bahadur Karki expressed his gratitude to the society for its initiative in cleaning the area. He expressed the historical significances of the area to motivate the volunteers.

The volunteers collected around 5 tons of garbage from the street corners. The society claimed that it has been spreading such campaigns in a global scale around 175 countries around the world. Recently this church has received the British Queen’s Award for voluntary service along with the title MBE from Queen Elizabeth II (
The society has been actively participating in such en

vironmental awareness campaign since 2 decades in Nepal. It claimed is

has around 400 branches in every part of Nepal and contributing to the society through various kinds of volunteer activities.

The branch of the society at Putalisadak has been actively organizing such campaign every month. The members say that their goal is make this world a better place to live in for this generation and the next generation.

One of the volunteers said that God the Mother who is in Korea has been teaching the members about how to live a life of a true Christian.