Parties are not in position to run away from the unification process said by Ishwor Pokharel

General Secretary of CPN-UML Ishwor Pokharel speaking at a programme in Chitwan, on Thursday, October 6, 2016. Photo: RSS

KATHMANDU: Minister for Defence and CPN-UML general secretary Ishwor Pokharel has said that his party and the CPN-Maoist Centre are not in position to run away from the unification process.

Addressing a symposium titled ‘Present National Situation and the Rights of Muslim Community’ and a programme of felicitation of the elected people’s representatives in Kathmandu today, he said there should not be any confusion about the unification of the two parties.

He said the party unification would be formally announced in the near future by sorting out all issues. “We are a political party based on the principle and organisational foundation of achieving excellence through peaceful multi-party competition. We should go for unification based on this footing. Where do you go after escaping unification,” he said at the program organised by the Nepal Muslim Ittehad Organisation, a sister organisation of the UML.

The UML general secretary also stated that the UML will easily accept whatever understanding is made on respectable deal and not on equal basis. Pokharel further said that the government would make necessary arrangement for public holiday on different festivals respecting the sentiments of the concerned religions and communities.

The Defense Minister clarified that the government would make arrangement if any national activities or examination of Public Service Commission is held at the same time if public holiday is declared for the concerned community.