Rs 600 billion needed to complete reconstruction, rehabilitation works

    National Reconstruction Authority, CEO Sushil Gywali, speaking at a closing ceremony of "Basic Training for Engineers on Housing Reconstruction" organised by the NRA in Kathmandu, on Wednesday, April 27, 2016. Photo: RSS

    Kathmandu, September 16 The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has estimated that resources worth Rs 600 billion are required to complete the reconstruction and rehabilitation works. Stating that a huge chunk of reconstruction works is yet to be done, Sushil Gyewali, CEO of NRA, has said that rehabilitation of quake-affected people requires a huge amount of resources.

    The NRA has so far spent around Rs 185 billion in the last three years and the fiscal budget 2018-19 has earmarked Rs 151.08 billion for reconstruction works. NRA has estimated Rs 336 billion will be spent in this fiscal and is preparing to organise another donors’ conference shortly to seek support from development partners for post earthquake reconstruction and rehabilitation works.

    During discussions with representatives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) today, Gyewali informed that the Post Disaster Recovery Framework (PDRF) that was unveiled following the formation of NRA had estimated a total funding requirement of Rs 938 billion.

    Development partners had made commitment of Rs 410 billion in the first donors’ conference organised in Kathmandu in 2015. The amount includes the assistance used for the rescue and rehabilitation works immediately after the devastating earthquake and powerful aftershocks in April and May of 2015.

    However, the net assistance after deducting the assistance spent for immediate rescue, recovery, and rehabilitation from the total assistance pledged by donors hovers at Rs 343 billion and the Ministry of Finance so far has signed agreement to mobilise assistance worth Rs 262 billion.

    Geert J Almekinders, chief of IMF delegation, appreciated the NRA’s role in accelerating post reconstruction works and resource mobilisation.


    2015-16……….Rs 22bn

    2016-17……….Rs 49bn

    2017-18……….Rs 114bn

    Source: NRA