‘Traffic Rapid Squad’ campaign commences in Kathmandu valley


KATHMANDU: The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) has initiated the ‘traffic rapid squad’ campaign for maintaining peace and order, and for traffic management in Kathmandu valley. The Division introduced this campaign during festival time to improve the valley’s traffic management, minimise growing traffic accidents, and promote road discipline.

MTPD Chief Basanta Kumar Panta said, the campaign has been initiated to prevent traffic jams and incidents of theft during the festival time in the Kathmandu Valley. He added that police would be mobilised rapidly to the incident site for necessary action as part of the campaign.

Fifty-five Nepal Police personnel and the same number of Traffic Police personnel would be mobilised on 55 motorcycles each day as part of the ‘rapid squad’ campaign.

Police personnel have been mobilised by dividing Kathmandu valley into 10 sectors. Kathmandu has been divided into six sectors, Bhaktapur into two sectors, and Lalitpur into two sectors.

Inspector General of Police Sarbendra Khanal initiated the campaign here on Wednesday.

On the occasion, he expressed belief that this campaign would play an important role in strengthening peace and security, and improving traffic management in Kathmandu valley.

The campaign will be expanded to other cities as well in future as per need, IGP Khanal added.