RPP’s Rashtriya Swabhiman Yatra to conclude on March 15 in Kathmandu


KATHMANDU: Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) who has embarked on a 15-day Rashtriya Swabhiman Yatra (National Pride March) will conclude the Yatra on March 15, here in Kathmandu.

Party chair Kamal Thapa along with leaders of various parties embarked on the 15-day Mechi-Mahakali (East-West) journey of February 27.

People have been called to join the concluding event at 12:15 pm at Bhrikutimandap on the said date to show solidarity towards the cause.

The party has for long demanded reinstatement of a Hindu nation along with constitutional monarchy, deeming the transition to Secular Republic an inorganic step.

The Swabhiman Yatra emphasises on the very tenets, Hindu State and Constitutional Monarchy, as the core purpose, among other issues.

RPP Chair condemns govt lenience in allowing secessionist chants in Janakpir

RPP chairperson Kamal Thapa stated today that the government’s exhibition of weakness in controlling is

“It is unfortunate that secessionist chants were reverberating under security mechanism’s noses along with banners,” Thapa had tweeted.

Kamal Thapa


हिजो जनकपुरमा सरकारी सुरक्षा घेराभित्र राष्ट्र विखण्डनको नारा,ब्यानर र झण्डा सहित प्रदर्शन हुनु दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण छ।राज्य संयन्त्र किन लाचार भएको छ?

8:19 AM – Mar 11, 2019
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Prior to this, Thapa, although welcoming government’s effort to ‘convince’ Raut into joining mainstream politics and denounce separatists intentions, had expressed doubts over several points, open to interpretation, in the recently reached 11-point agreement between the government and former Free Madhes activist CK Raut.