Dahal hopes Chand will return to mainstream politics

Chitwan, June 25 Nepal Communist Party Co-chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal today expressed hope that Netra Bikram Chand would return to mainstream politics.

Inaugurating the fourth Municipal Assembly of Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Dahal said Chand would return to mainstream politics sooner or later.

Stating that peace could not prevail in the country with violence, Dahal said, “I know Chand very closely. I am hopeful he will return to mainstream politics with the passage of time”.

Dahal said a few bombs would not disrupt the journey of prosperity.  He said bombs and bullets wouldn’t win the state and people’s hearts and minds. “Chand understands this and will shun violent activities soon,” Dahal stated.

Noting that defectors had returned to the party, Dahal claimed that Chand and leaders of his party too would come back to their old home.

Dahal recalled his conversation with Chand after they joined peaceful politics, in Kathmandu. Chand told him he felt like a girl from Nuwakot who was promised to be married in Kathmandu but was taken to Mumbai. “What Chand told me shook my mind then,” Dahal said, adding, “Now, he must have understood I had brought him to Kathmandu, not Mumbai.”

Dahal argued that Chand could not continue what he was doing right now for a long time. Dahal urged all and sundry not to provoke him. “Do not provoke me. I might miss the prime minister’s post that is at my doorstep”, he added.