‘Real friends will always be proved better’


KATHMANDU, July 8: Aditya Narayan Jha is a versatile artist who has already proved his mettle in singing, acting and hosting events. Jha started his career in the entertainment business since his childhood. Starting as a playback singer in the movie ‘Mohani’ in the early 90s, Jha has sung more than 100 songs and starred in dozens of Bollywood movies.

Having starred in hit Bollywood movies such as ‘Pardes’ and ‘Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai’, Jha got his first lead role in the movie ‘Shaapit’. He sang four songs in it and also, composed and wrote the title track, ‘Shaapit Hua’. As for a television host, Jha is credited for the popular Indian reality shows ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ and ‘X Factor India’, ‘Rising Star 3’, ‘Kitchen Champion’, ‘Khatra Khatra Khatra’ and more.

Jha recently performed at Club Fahrenheit, Thamel with his band, The A Team. Despite his busy schedule. Jha managed some time to speak with Republica. Excerpts:

How good are you at speaking in Nepali?
Well, I used to speak in Nepali as a child. Now, I am kind of okay speaking in Nepali.

What are the challenges you faced in your childhood days?
I was rejected by many schools in Bombay for being unable to speak in English. But then belonging to a multilingual family, I started learning Hindi, Maithili and Nepali and I am quite good at them. I am good in Bengali as well.

You have been in the entertainment industry for a long time now. What is your experience?
Every element in the industry is a form of art and art evolves all the time. With change in time, the forms and trends keep changing. I started as a playback singer in the film Mohini, I guess, in 1992. It was a great experience. Though I am young but I have experienced many ups and downs while working in the field. I sometimes like to disconnect and be alone to explore my creativity. I believe that art never comes with a time schedule; it can come to your mind anytime.

What are the present challenges you are facing in your career?
In the race of technology, coping up with all the social media and the technical parts is a major task. Also, I use social media for my fans so I try to give my time to many apps. You know the number of apps to get in touch with people is increasing day by day. Though I try to get into most of them I have to be tardy on some. Though this might be a little hard to believe, I am a camera-shy person. Also being a public figure, I always have to be cautious of what to speak as one wrong line can hit the headlines on the front pages of newspapers.

What message would you like to give to the kids who are glued to their phones all the time?
The Internet has made it easier for the youngsters to showcase their talents and get indulged in the industry. But don’t be on the internet too much. The use of technology is good but you should be able to create a fine balance between technology and reality. No matter how much comfort smart phones might give you, real friends will always be proved better in one way or the other.

Message for your well wishers and fans.
Be true to yourself. We all know in one way or the other we are all flawed, so just be the real you. Socialize more with your friends. Live with the nature too. Play outdoors; a few bruises will be memories of the future.

Your upcoming plans?
Well, I am thinking of launching a new album in Kathmandu. I am really looking forward to it.