Ensure pesticide-free veggies, NHRC tells govt

Kathmandu, July 8 National Human Right Commission has asked the government to ensure people’s right to consume pesticide-free vegetables, produced in the country or imported from other countries.

Issuing a press release today, NHRC said its serious attention had been drawn towards the government’s decision to halt testing of imported vegetables for pesticides.

The release says that the constitution has guaranteed consumers’ human right as a fundamental right. Similarly, Article 44 of the constitution has guaranteed compensation for consumers if they are affected by consumption of low quality food and services. Article 35 has also ensured people’s right to good health.

The press release further states that investigation held time and again by the NHRC and various organisations have shown residues of pesticides in vegetables that are grown inside the country as well as vegetables imported from abroad.

“We want to remind the government about the rights assured by the constitution and promises made in relation to human rights related international laws, and we want the government to act to discourage rampant use of pesticides on vegetables, fruits and other edibles so as to secure the consumers’ right to quality food and right to live a dignified life.”