Badu floats proposal to promote police personnel to be adjusted at provincial levels


KATHMANDU, July 10: Lawmaker and leader of the main opposition party Nepali Congress(NC) Dilendra Prasad Badu has floated a proposal of an automatic one-level promotion applicable to those police forces who are set to be adjusted into a provincial administrative structure.

Expressing his views at the meeting of Parliamentary Committee on State Affairs and Good Governance held today to discuss the bill on the adjustment of police forces, lawmaker Badu underlined the need for boosting the morale of those police personnel who will be adjusted into a provincial administrative structure.

He floated the proposal of promoting police personnel to the position one step higher than the one they are currently holding as one of the ways in which they can be motivated to be part of provincial police.

As proposed in the bill under discussion, about 20,000 police personnel will serve as part of the federal police whereas the remaining ones will be adjusted into the provincial police.