Ensure pesticide-free veggies, fruits, says NMA

Consumers buying green vegetables at the Kalimati-based vegetable market, on Sunday, September 25, 2016. As the big festivals are approaching closer, consumers are complaining of surge in the vegetable prices. Photo: RSS

Kathmandu, July 9 Nepal Medical Association has demanded that the government come up with a mechanism of testing pesticides on imported vegetables and fruits, keeping in view the public health and for ensuring people’s right to good health.

Issuing a press release today, NMA stated that its attention was drawn towards the government’s decision to halt testing of imported vegetables for pesticides.

It said the government should be responsible for quality of essential goods but the decision to halt the testing had betrayed citizens’ expectations and trust.

The press release further stated there would be short-term and long-term health effects from the consumption of vegetables and fruits that contain pesticides.

It would lead to mental health problems, difficulty in breathing, diarrhoea, urinary problems and skin infections. It could cause cancer, problems in heart, liver and kidneys.

It can lead to genetic health problems such as infertility and reproductive health problems.

Immature and irresponsible act of the government of violating the fundamental rights of the Nepalis to live a healthy life and consume quality food had hampered the national pride, stated the press release.